How To Consign

Step 1 Evaluation

Send us a picture: From a picture we are able to get a sense of the style and condition of the piece. E-mail us a photo at You can also bring your items buy our store for on-site evaluation, but please make note of our business hours and call ahead if you plan to bring larger items.

Condition & Style: Evaluating your furniture on a scale of 1-10 we look for pieces that are between 7 and 10. We welcome quality items that appeal to today’s buyer.

Living Environment: We only accept items from smoke & pet free homes.

Step 2 Pricing

Our pricing formula consists of condition, style, original sale price, and what the piece could be purchased new for in the current market. We also factor in our experience on how similar pieces have sold in the past. Any historical information that you have on the piece is also helpful.

Step 3 Bring Items to Store

You are always welcome to bring items to our store during normal business hours. For larger items please call ahead to make sure we have help on site to give you a hand. We also offer affordable pick-up service. Rates vary based on location.

Step 4 Selling your Furniture

We take it from here! We photograph your items to post on our website and professionally merchandise your furniture in our retail gallery. Our sales staff will work hard to sell your furniture.

Step 5 Payment

Pastimes will write you a check after the sale of your furniture. Checks are batched together at the end of the month for each previous month’s sales. Checks are available for pick-up at the store on the 10th of each month and are automatically mailed by the 30th of each month.

Consignment Terms

    • Minimum 90 day consignment period
    • Pastimes pays consignor 60% of the item sale price. Pastimes commission is 40%.
    • At 20 days the price of the item will drop by 10% of the original sale price.
    • At 40 days the price of the item will drop by 20% of the original sale price.
    • At 60 days the price of the item will drop by 30% of the original sale price.
    • At 100 days the initial consignment period will expire. For items to remain in the store after this point a special agreement must be made between Pastimes and the consignor. Items without a formal agreement must be picked up after 10 days or they will become the property of Pastimes. Due to space we cannot hold items past the consignment period.
    • Consignors agree to participate in any Pastimes promotional sales events that allow customers to buy items at the price of the next markdown date.
    • We will do our very best to safeguard your item however we are not responsible for damage or loss.

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